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Disappearing Islands


While Donald Trump wanting a proof for global warming, some people are loosing their homes.

In a recent news Ghoramara Island, part of Sunderbans Island in the Bay of Bengal is on the verge of disaappearnce in coming years. The Sunderbans is world largest mangrove forest and is home to many endangered species, dolphins, crocodiles and hundreds of species of birds.

Around 94 kms south of city of Calcutta, island was once a home to more than 7000 people. But due to global warming and rise in temperature lesser than 4000 people have been left behind. The 4.6 sq km island have been shrinked to nearly half in size over past 20 years.

Government of West Bengal has been relocating thousands of people to the neighbouring Sagar Island. But high tides and frequent floods makes impossible for government to reach all of them. Rice is the main crop on the island but due to flood it is being destroyed. Life of people on the island is getting difficult day by day.

The intergovernmental panel for cilmate change(IPCC) that sea level is rising at an alarming rate. In 1995 Boha Island of Bangladesh was half submerged leaving 5,00,000 people homeless. Countries like Maldives and Tualu are facing greatest danger of all time.

As of now there are no provisions of people seeking asylum on environmental crisis. There is no electricity or smartphone on islands. All there is known by people is that this global warming is taking their homes.

There are many world organisation which are taking enormous steps for the sake of island countries. But there are few possibilities that would work if the entire world isn’t taking step together towards this condition.

By the end of this century it is believed that the global temperature rise will be by 1.5 or 2.0 degree centigrade. If it happens than earth will lose more than 80 percent of its island. So its real! Global warming is real. If we will not act now, maybe we will not be there anymore to act.

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