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Cyclone Fani: Worst Cylone to hit India Mainland in Recent Times


It all began when IMD( Indian Meteorological Department) track a depression in the west of Sumatra on 26 April. Afterwards the storm started moving northwards and got into much deeper depression at 00:00 UTC on 27 April. Six hours later IMD upgraded the system to a cyclonic storm and gave it a name Fani. Being developing and intensifying over the days cyclone Fani was upgraded to cyclone category 4 cyclone. It attained 1 minute sustained winds of 250 km/hr. Fani made a landfall on the east coast of India in the city of Puri in Orissa with 3 minute sustained winds of 180 km/hr.

The IMD tracked the storm and issued yellow warnings for the south eastern states of Mainland India. In attempt to reduce the impact of the cyclone the Government of Orissa sent out around 2.6 Million text message to warn about the storm in addition to television, sirens, public address to communicate. Around 1.2 Million residents of near coastal areas in Orissa were evacuated and moved to higher grounds on a record time of 24 hours.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik reviewed the situation on Saturday, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi is slated to stock of the situation on sunday. Districts such as Puri, khurdha, Cuttack and Nayagarh were severely affected.

Fani is one of the rarest of rare cyclone- the first to hit in 43 years and one of three to hit in 150 years. Because of the rarity, the prediction and tracking of the cyclone was challenging. In 24 hours, one was not sure of the trajectory it was going to take, said Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

The similar situation like Puri occurred in slums of Bhubaneswar where lakhs of people got homeless after there roofs were thatched away due to strong winds of storm.

It has been estimated that around 38 people have been killed due to cyclone Fani and affecting Millions of lives in Orissa, Andhra Pradesh,Nicobar Islands, Bangladesh, Sri lanka.

79 flights were being cancelled in the North East after Cyclone Fani passed over West Bangal.

On 4th of May Fani started to weaken  into a depression before degenerating into a well marked low water on the same day.

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