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Cushion that will Absorb Your Fart Smell without leaking Bed Smell Out


For Rs. 2700 that Cushion will Absorb Your Fart Smell. Fart is a natural thing you cannot control it but ripping loud one might be a few minutes of embarassment.

Shreddies the company has designed a product called ” Flatulence filtering cushion” that claims to prevent the distinguish smell of your inside from leaking out to others.

They said that it is “lightweight and discreet” that means you can use it in the Home,Office and in travel. Basically it a fairly normal cushion but it has back panel made up of activated carbon. The holey nature of the cushion has your fart entering and becoming trapped inside, where the activated carbon absorb all the Flatulence smell.

ll you have to do is occasionally wash your cushion so that the carbon refreshed again and it can be used once more.

The fabric can remove the sulphide and methylmercapton it can filter odours 200 times the strength of the average flatus emission. Additionally it aslo remains active for 2-3 years if cared properly. The Flatulence cushion is priced Approximately Rs. 2,700. Shreddies also sells Jeans, underwear, pyjamas that contains activated carbon inside, So that you can fart anywhere anytime without any embarassing.

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