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Conjoined Twins are going to sit in SSC Exam


The Conjoined Twins Vani and Veena from Hyderabad are appearing in SSC Exam March 2020, which is also posing a dilemma for the Education Department. The question is whether they will be given a seperate place to sit and whether they will require two hall tickets.

SSC exam are scheduled for March 2020. The Conjoined twins live in a home run by the women and child welfare department. They have been taught in the home. Their parents Murali and Naga-lakshmi, are daily wage workers from Beerusettigudem village in Warangal.

“The department’s officials have stated that they will speak to the government health officers and accordingly decide. The girls will also require a separate place to write their exams. The time for the exams will also have to be decided for them.”

Veena and Vani have been living at a state home in Vengala Rao Nagar in Hyderabad since January 2017. The Education Department has appointed teachers exclusively for the twins. The sisters joined a government high school in January 2019 and are set to write their SSC papers starting March 19, 2020.

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