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Chandrayaan 2: ISRO is still trying to communicate with Vikram Lander


The Indian Space Research Organisation has not completely given up on attempting communication with Vikram Lander Chandrayaan 2. Vikram that went silent during lunar descent. The Indian Space Research Organisation said on 7th September that the Ground station lost the communication with Vikram Lander.

Since then ISRO had been making all possible efforts to establish connection with Vikram but now it had temporarily suspended those operations 10 days ago due to night fall on the moon. Its night time there at our landing site, power may not be there because no sun light at that site. Now it’s not possible to communicate, may be after this probably we will start.

The ISRO has constituted a national level committee consisting of academics and agency experts to analyse the cause of the communication lost with Vikram Lander.

The Chandrayaan 2, a Rs. 978 crore project, was launched on 22 July with an aim to land the Vikram on the surface of the moon and the rover to revolve around the moon. India is fourth country to a soft landing on the moon and India has chosen the south polar region, a place which is suspected to have heavy water presence.

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