10 Street Photography Secrets of Successful Photographers

Street photography is the summation of emotions, reality, and a story in a single image. After all you can do street Photography anywhere,anytime with your camera and phone. Professional Photographers has curiosity to Capture photos with different angles. They try to do experiments using different angles for Photography. Street Photography is all about capturing the […]

Tips To Take Stunning Portrait Photo

As i already discussed some points on Portrait Photography in the previous article Portrait photography tips , and here are some more points that are important in getting stunning Portrait photo, these are: Frame Your Subject: Framing is a technique in which you frame a subject with another things to attention to one element with […]

3 Things Your Camera Never Told You About Portrait Photography

Many people are afraid of doing Photography because they think they don’t have the eyes for Photography. Photography isn’t take good talent, its all about practice and the enthusiasm. If you are passionate about photography, you will do good in Photography and one day you will be the master of Photography. Good practice with good […]

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