Carbon nanomaterials are developed to detect and destroy cancer cells by Researchers at IIT ROORKEE Dr P Gopinath and his team at the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, ROORKEE have developed carbon nanodots which can be used as a form of diagnosis. The nanosized ( 10-9) m carbon material has been extracted from the leaves of […]

An Indian Mathematician Who Once Challenged Einstein Now Lives in Poverty

A LESSER ORDINARY MATHEMATICIAN: INDIAN WHO ONCE CHALLENGED EINSTEIN NOW LIVES IN POVERTY India have remained on top when it comes to science in early centuries. From Aryabhatta to Bhaskaracharya, from Ramanujan to CV Raman everyone have given their full potential for science. However there are many bright minds in the country which got lost […]

World’s Luckiest unluckiest man: Frane selak defeated death seven times

Frane selak is often named as ” world luckiest unlucky man” beacuse of the most unexpected incidents happened in his life. With a Croatian nationality he was a music teacher by profession. The series of events that shaped his life forever, started happening in January of 1962. In 1962 while travelling in a train he […]

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