Beyond the horizons As you will read this article The Earth would have travelled a thousands of kilometres in the cosmos. We are moving even when standing on earth.
The moon is revolving around the earth, the earth is moving with respect to the sun, the Sun is moving with respect to our galactic centre. And even our galaxy The MILKY WAY and the group of galaxies of the same clusters are moving with respect to the THE GREAT ATTRACTOR. Even if you think that you are not moving in your frame of reference and you’re standing near a grass of field than too you’re not stable. Confused lets travel to the atomic world.

You’re made up of atoms, atoms are made up of neutrons and protons collectively called as NUCLEONS. And they have a particle revolving around them called electron. When you go beyond that nucleons that are made up of quarks having strong firces revolving around one another.

When the thing you’re made of is not stable than how can you be stationary. This takes me to an another question what makes them to revolve. Why do they even have to revolve, when the only thing they wants is the least energy state.

The state which everything in the universe is seeking. Well the answer is not that simple. It lies in the branch of physics known as atomic and nuclear physics. But the scientists too aren’t clear about the things they are seeing. In simple everything holds a force between one another it doesn’t matter how small or how big the thing is.

Now there arises a second question, from where did this force come?

In science there is not anything specific about this question. Experiments in nuclear and particle physics are being done from years at LHC ( LARGE HADRON COLLIDER) in CERN. To find the human quest of finding the answers of the things lying in front of humanity from million of years. But this is just the beginning. Will there be any possibility that this force between the particles will fade away. And if it happens what is going to be the scenario of this incident. Imagine everything tearing apart your desk, your things, even you.

The stars, the planets, the universe. Everything will be tearing apart if the force between them ceases to exists. Try imagining the state of universe at that particular time. So whats all the fuzz about. These are the type of things that make us realise who we are exactly. Universe is putting Questions on our face, and when we think we are on the verge of solving something an another question arises.

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