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Best Weapons to help You Win PUBG


Player Unknowns Battle Ground Or PUBG is one of the most popular online multiplayer games ever in these days. Players can play solo, duo, or squad mode to win the chicken dinner that is achieved after becoming the only player or team left among the 100 players in the battleground.

Moreover, among the 100 players if you want to get chicken dinner you need to pick the weapons wisely which is very important and will help you to win the game. So read about PUBG weapons here for selection of weapons

How to analyzed the weapons ?

The analysis of the weapons is based on the shooting range, damage, accuracy and fire power. The analysis is based upon these above factors that will help you in choosing a good weapon. There are some weapons are missing which are not in the game, we stuck to some guns which all players can access. Here are the guns

  • Assault Rifles

The Best for an adaptive game play Assault Rifles allowed dynamic range shooting.

AKM is one of the best guns in the game ever, because of its high damage rate, but more recoil and that’s why has less accuracy.

M16A4 and M416 have good range and damage but slow firing rate. Players like to choose SCAR-L more than these three.

Groza and AUG A3 are only available in air drops and have good damage rate.

  • DMR’s

DMR’s are like Sniper, they can shoot with 8x scope same as Sniper do, except they have Brust fire mode.
The Mini 14 has high damage rate and shooting range, however the Brust mode is inaccurate due to recoil

SKS and SLR are the best guns in DMR s because they are most balanced guns ever.

MK 14 EBR are available at airdrops. This is the best gun in DMRs category beacuse it has fitted suppressor and bipod to minimise recoil. It means others will never see you in the map when you fire.

  • Snipers

One Shot, One Kill from Far to the opponent . These are the quality and benefits of Sniper weapons.

Snipers like AWM or M24 are only available in air drops and the best weapons in snipers because of its High Damage, Shooting range and Accuracy.

In the game the Kar98k has the best accuracy and damage rate but the reaload time is a setback

VSS (Vintorez Dilemma) is also categorised in Snipers for its range and fitted scope. However the Brust fire mode in this gun could fairly placed it in DMRs . Nonetheless it is still a worst possible choice of anyone in both the Categories because of its High Bullet drop.

  • Shotguns

Shotguns are incredibly lethal if it is use at close range, if its early in the game specially in the deep urban areas Shotguns are the only best option to pick. Shotguns are the best for Very close range Fights.
S1897 and S686 are very similar to each other. The difference is that the former has a higher magazine capacity i.e 5, and the other has less capacity of magazine i.e 2.

The S12k is the best shotgun for high firing speed but the worst thing is that it has high recoil with less accuracy, everytime you need to point the pointer on a particular subject after firing a shot.Light Machine Guns
Light Machine Guns (LMG) have the highest firing rate. They can fit scope but has less accuracy also has less damage rate per shot as compared to others weapons. The reload time is incredibly long.

The M249 has greater magazine capacity but it is only available at the air- drops, the DP28 has more power. LMGs are the less choice weapons for players.

  • Pistols

Pistols are the only option for you to pick if you are weapon Less. R1895 and R45 strongest hand gun and has maximum damage. But they have low firing rate and more Recoil.

The P18C is the best pistol for the full Brust mode and it offers great firing rates. The P1911 and P92 are good for quick firing both guns are semi automatic and have almost equal damage rate.

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