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An Indian Mathematician Who Once Challenged Einstein Now Lives in Poverty



India have remained on top when it comes to science in early centuries. From Aryabhatta to Bhaskaracharya, from Ramanujan to CV Raman everyone have given their full potential for science.

However there are many bright minds in the country which got lost in the admist of circumstances. Today we are gonna introduce you to one of the Extraordinary Mathematician Dr Vashisth Narayan Singh. The man who once believed to challenged theories of world famous scientist Albert Einstein. However circumstances made hiDr Vashisth Narayan Singh. The man who once believed to challenged theories of world famous scientist Albert Einstein. However circumstances made him to be lost in the developing nation’s dream.

Born in 1942 in Basantpur, Bihar . He was a complete genius from childhood onwards. He topped in his metric examination. When others used to play during off schools hours he used to solve complex mathematical equations. He was enrolled in Patna Science College. He went to become the first person ever in the history of Patna University when he was allowed to appear in the final year examinations of BSc in his first year, And surprisingly he topped that exam.

Patna Science College was world famous during those days. During a conference Prof. John L Kelly from University of California, Berkeley visited Patna University. This was the very first moment world was going to witness the brilliance of Dr Vashisth Narayan Singh. During the meeting Prof Kelly put 5 most complex problem of Mathematics on board. He asked students to come forward and try the problems.

When he was expecting one or two problems to be solved by the students, Dr Narayan Singh solved all the five. Prof kelly was astounded by the brilliance of young guy. He asked him to come America for higher studies. Then he went to do his research on kernels and cyclic vectors from University of California, Berkeley. He joined Washington University and then also worked for NASA for a smaller period before coming back to india.

However Prof kelly and NASA both requested him to stay in the United States. But he came back. Who knows if he have stayed in US what may he have achieved till now.

He came back and got married. He then joined IIT Kanpur followed by joining as a faculty at one of the most prestigious institute of India TIFR, Bombay. In the midst of this he got diagnosed with schizophrenia. A disease of brain in which one looses the ability to differentiate between virtuality and reality. His wife left him on that stage of life where he needed her the most.

He then Joined world famous ISI(Indian Statistical Institute) at Calcutta. He served there for a while. But due to his disease and no one on his side he was completely devastated. He left the job. Schizophrenia overwhelmed him and the demise of his Career happened. For more than three decades he lived in huts of a village completely cutting off from the external world. The state government didn’t give him the attention which he required.

Once a Mathematican who worked with NASA was living a unknown life in locality of a village in Bihar. Completely ignored by the Government until he was founded by his brother living on neighbours help. Now he is getting a treatment at a government hospital. Several people have come out for help after hearing his story. But imagine what could have happened if he have choosed to stay in United States.
Its not like geniuses aren’t born in India, it’s just they didn’t get what they deserve.

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