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A Dream Of Billions: India’s Manned Mission to Space


A dream of Billions: PM Modi announced India’s first manned mission to space by 2022.
It was the day of 21st November, 1963 that made a benchmark in the history of nation’s space exploration. This was the day india put a rocket in the earth atmosphere. After launching Aryabhatta in 1975 with the help of RUSSIA, Rohini in 1980 became the first satellite launch independently by ISRO. After that a series of satellites have been launched by PSLV(Polar Satellite launch vehicle) and GSLV(Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle). After the sucess of MOM(Mars orbiter mission) India became the first nation to go on Mars in its first attempt.

Despite having a annual budget less than
10 pecent of Nasa. Isro managed to put IRNSS(Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System) in the orbit its own navigation satellite system which was made to develop after facing denial of use of GPS in Kargil War. ISRO have always made us proud by its various missions.

Recently on the occasion of Independence Day PM Modi have announced that India will put a man in space by 2022. Despite having low budget Isro managed to achieve a feat many nation failed to do. Isro chairman K. sivan had said that they have to conduct a series of test before the actual mission start.

GSLV MARK III will be on responsibility of putting a man from indian soil to space. A pad abort test was conducted recently to test his capability. After chandrayaan -2 in 2019. It will be one of the greatest mission of the nation having over a billion people. If everything went good than India will be the fourth nation after USA, RUSSIA and CHINA to accomplish this stature.

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