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5 Tips For Better Nature Photography


Everyone wants to capture Beautiful nature photos but some Photographers can do it well. Because they capture the shot with these following tips. The most difficult challenge is to finding good Subject matter. People wants to see the images of place which they rarely visit or didn’t got the chance to get there.

Its not always easy to capture the Beautiful shot because sometimes situation are opposite to our vision. But having these following points in your mind may result in good photos . So these are the following points which will help you in getting good Nature photos.

1. Go for Small Details:

Details are as important as composition in your photo. People look forward to see the details of your subject matter. Go for small because people don’t see these things in their daily life. Try to capture the photos having much details.

Capture it in such a way that it looks as like as you see it with your naked eyes. Some nature things happens in such a way that we are unknown to us. Wonderful small occurence can result in good photo.

When you shoot in nature, don’t forget about the small details. Bring a zoom lens with you and capture small things, remember the closer you will go the better details you would have.

2. Light

Light is important if you are capturing a subject which looks better in light. Light illuminates your subject and brings shadow and Contrast to your subject

Learning to understand the nature of light is a lifelong journey for any Photographer. Using the natural light brings powerful composition in your photo.
When you’re out shooting, be sure to pay close attention to the way shadows are cast, and by whatever you happen to be photographing. Seeing the contrasts within the scene helps you to avoid dry and drab photos that are generally unappealing.

Direction of light is also important as it makes difference in your photo. Understand the angle of sun and take position as such your subject appears furoscent. Try to capture many photos from different angle and choose the best one from them.

3. Capture Wide Angle Photo:

Capture wide angle photos because it looks beautiful and it covers many elements in the nature. Wide Angle is preferred for landscape photography mainly because it covers border view ana make a sense of open space.

Adjust your camera settings in such a way that the photo exactly looks the same as you have seen it with your eyes , even more colorful if it needs.

Try to capture the view with different angles so that you get better understanding of angles. One shot is not always Perfect as you all know that. So don’t be lazy while doing Photography just capture random shots with different angles and choose one best from the other rest.

4. Capture Movement:

Capture the movement as it looks stunning to the viewers.

Wait for the Perfect movement and then capture it in such a way that its looks great with pure details. Use drons if you want to capture that types of shots.

5. Use Water As a Mirror:

Water can make photos good as it reflects light. We see the two sides of images called reflection.

The two best time to Capture a water Reflection shots are Before Afternoon and Before Sunset (when sun looks brown/orange) .

Use statics water because your photo will reflect good in static water, if water is moving then there will be a chance of distortion in the reflection image. It makes a great impact on the viewer sight. People don’t want to see simple pictures as they can be captured by anyone, so if you want to be different from others make it creative.

Capture Beautiful Scenes & Play With Shadow

Its all about Beautiful scenes. Visit the place which looks beautiful in nature, and make it your amazing shot.

This stunning picture has beauty in itself and shadows are making it more beautiful. So play with shadow while doing Photography, it makes your photo more interesting. In this photo almost all amazing natural things are there (water,trees,sun,sand,sky, clouds, rocks) and making the shot tremendous. Take advantage of nature miracles and capture them so that your photo makes miracles itself. Editing is also a part of Photography sometimes your photo are not looks colorful & Beautiful so then Photography is needed. Don’t apply many effects on your photo, just Adjust some tools and try to make the photo with small adjustment because more effects may affect your photo.

So guys these are the steps which you need to follow before doing Nature Photography. If you have any questions regarding Photography , Comments your valuable questions.

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