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30 Fascinating Facts About Facebook


Facebook is an online social media and social networking service Based in Menlo Carlo, California. Its first website was launched in Feb 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg along with his college Students. In now days Facebook is one of the most popular Social Media networking companies with over 2.2 billion monthly users and 30,275 employees. The first website was not so much attractive and having less features. Have a look on first website here

But now Facebook having many features with good and attractive layout. Many people knowow about Facebook very well but have you ever wondered about Facebook facts that can shock your mind. Have a look on some amazing and fascinating facts about Facebook that you probably didn’t know.

#1. Several People Murdered for unfriending on Facebook.

Source- Bored Panda

#2. Facebook has many accounts that are not active as their user died.

Source- Bored Panda


Facebook is banned in China since 2009, because Xinjiang independence activists were using Facebook as part of their communications network. Some Chinese users also believed thatFacebook would not succeed in Chinaafter Google China‘s problems.


There are many fake Facebook account, have you wondered that one woman was given 20 months jail because of creating fake account on Facebook


Hackers are everywhere, their motives is to Hack websites . There are 6,00,000 Hacking attacks are made everyday to Hack Facebook. It is

#6. Facebook user base grows by 8 people per second, or 7,247 People every 15 minutes

Having billions of Active Users on Facebook, it has #3 number alexa rank.

#7. 75% of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from Mobile Advertising and earns $2.5 billion a quarter from advertising

Facebook has a good option of providing ads. The cost is low and high as per the advertiser requirements.

#8. People Share 1.3 million contents on Facebook every minute of Everyday

In November 2014 the number of video uploaded on Facebook exceeded YouTube video Upload

#9. Photo Uploads on Facebook are 350 million per day.

Because of many users on Facebook the number of photos uploads on it is high in numbers.

#10. People spend 927 million hours a month playing Facebook games

Facebook app has many types of Games and in now a days people spend more time on Facebook playing Games rather than doing Chit-chat

#11. There are 1 billion mobile Linked enabled on Facebook

#12. Users Spend 21 minutes per day on average on Facebook

People wants to spend time on Social Media, because of having Entrainment and fun.

#13. 31% US senior citizens are on Facebook

#14. There are 745 million daily mobile users

Have a look on Facebook and its different applications users

#15. There are 1,00,000 Friend Requests every 10 minutes on Facebook

#16. There are 5,00,000 Facebook Likes every minute

#17. Facebook generates $1.3 million in Revenue every Hour

#18. Every second there are 20,000 people on Facebook that means just 15 minutes there are 10 million users on Facebook

#19. Every minute there are 1,50,000 Facebook messages sent

#20. Most Popular Facebook Page is Michael Jackson (second is Simpsons)

#21. Yahoo offered Facebook $1 billion which Mark Zuckerberg refused. Now Facebook values $50 billion and Yahoo values $21 billion.

#22. It is the second biggest website by Traffic after (first is Google)

#23. Facebook store approximately 300 petabytes of user data on its Servers

There are 1 million gigabytes in 1 Petabyte. The entire written works of humankind in every known language (including Latin and other Historical language) dawn of Recorded history would occupy Approximately 50 Petabytes. Think about it for a minute.

#24. There are more than 2 million active ads on Facebook

Due to cost-effectiveness and popularity of Facebook ads has made the Site one of the most popular advertising platform in the world.

#25. Facebook earn money through Advertising amd and Virtual Products

Many people have a Question that how Facebook earns , Do they earn Through Users Registration ?? , NO. They earn Through Advertising and Products

#26. Mark Zuckerberg Stole the ideo and technology for Facebook (the issue was later settled our by the court)

#27. Facebook is available in 70 different languages

#28. California is huge on Facebook with over 15 million users ( almost 41% of total population)

#29. Australian’s spend more time per month on Facebook than any other country at 7 hours on average.

#30. Facebook was initially called as “” later it was changed to “Facebook”

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