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3 Things Your Camera Never Told You About Portrait Photography


Many people are afraid of doing Photography because they think they don’t have the eyes for Photography. Photography isn’t take good talent, its all about practice and the enthusiasm. If you are passionate about photography, you will do good in Photography and one day you will be the master of Photography. Good practice with good skills can helps you in the way of master photographer. But for that you need to be careful about the steps that i’m going to tell just right away. Picking up a camera for the first time quite overwhelming , why not! Because we all are excited getting in touch with new gadgets but its overwhelming for the first and as far as you go with it than your excitement getting down because you are no longer happy with that. Further shooting with for years and never finding satisfaction with the Portrait capture can be frustrating, if these steps not followed. The ambition are necessary to master in the rules. So these are.

1. Expression:

People tend to forget that the Portrait without expression is not pointed by the viewer

The Portrait without expression is just a photo not a good Portrait. People wants to see the genuine emotions not pose or blurry images. The expression is more important than the location, light or pose.

The first thing people see is the connection of the subject with the camera. The only way to achieve it is the make subject comfortable. Tell him/her to be comfortable and give some expression which is oftenly noticed by the viewer. Try to tell the subject how to be confident in front of camera.

2. Composition:

In every type of Photography – Macro, Landscape, Nature, wildlife, Portrait etc. Composition has an important role in getting good photos everywhere. As i mentioned it in my macro photography lesson, its an important part of Photography

The purpose of composing images properly is to attract the eye of the viewer on the important details of Portrait. This is where the two important rules kick in , Rule of third & depth of field

If you want to take good Portrait then you must have enough knowledge of rule of thirds & depth of field. Rule of thirds are the rule of arranging grid lines in a perfect way & the Depth of field is all about what you want to show to the viewer. Eye is an important part of the Portrait, sticking with this point can result in good Portrait photo. Try to make the photo living and 3D ( Three Dimensional) so that it looks better

3. Light:

The topic of light deserves it’s own article but to be concise, there are two important things to keep in mind. Just like artificial light is very directional, natural light needs to be this way too. It is for this reason that using window light is so popular.

To achieve The best lighting in the Portrait Photography is to face the Portrait to the light source. For example using the beam of light coming through the window of your room or the light of Street.

Look at the above photo, it was taken it the afternoon with the natural light. You can also take Portrait photo in the afternoon when sun is totally furoscent. Taking of photos before and after of Sunset & Sunrise respectively results in good Protrait with the natural light. Some of you are thinking that why not artificial light! Yes you can use artificial light but the photo you will take in the artificial light has a difference with the one captured in the natural light.

The above photo was captured in the afternoon too and there is pattern in the photo, you can see thehe pattern of shadow, which is making this Portrait at its ease & Impressive. The face of this girl is in sunlight making it more beautiful. So light is an important role in good Portrait Photography. Try to practice more and more , one day you will be the master of it but always remember these points so that you can take good photos.

To conclude the above 3 steps are just topics to consider when taking portraits. Rules are meant to be broken. Consider these tips and you will walk away with solid portraits, but also let your own ideas and visions shine through.

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