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3 Mistakes People Do With Medicines


We often take medication. Sometime for pain ,for fever or other many problems.When it comes in General medicines we don’t care too much. Today I am going to tell you Five common mistake we do while taking medication.

1. Take medicine with just after Food

Some medicine are recommended for taking before the meal but generally are recommended for after the meal. It doesn’t mean that you can take medicine just after meal. Our food contains Vitamins , Minerals and other things which are surely good for you.But when come with medicine they can cause interaction.So it would be best to take medicine after sometime of your meal.

2. Taking Medicine with Milk

It not necessary even for Calcium tablet to take it with milk.As a Pharmacist I usually recommend all the medicines with plain water.If you want to drink milk you can drink it after taking medication .I recommend this because some medicine like Tetracycline reacts with milk calcium and makes chelat .And this compound doesn’t absorbed by our body .Both milk calcium and the medicines become useless.

3. Left Taking Antibiotics without completing course

It is very big issue commonly occurs.We took antibiotics without any advice from physician. Actually every antibiotics have its defined course period.As we left antibiotics in the middle of the course,the pathogens become resistant to that medicine.As long we do like this .The pathogens become more and more resistant.In the end that antibiotics stops working

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