Adultery is Not a Crime Anymore in India

Adultery is not a crime anymore. A big news is coming today, Supreme court of india on Thursday struck down as unconstitutional section 497 of Indian penal code(IPC). Adultery is no longer a crime, Supereme court rules. What is adultery law? According to section 497 of the IPC a married man can be punished for […]

First Hydrogen Powered Trains Rolling in Germany

Germany has rolled out the first Hydrogen Powered Trains, the trains which operate in between northern German towns. “The world’s first Hydrogen train is entering into commercial service and is ready for serial production,” Alstom CEO Henri said at an unveiling ceremony in Bremervoerde, the station where the hydrogen trains will be refuelled with hydrogen. […]

PubG Mobile now has over 20 million daily Active Users

PubG mobile has gained over 20 million Daily Active Users within the six months of its Launching on iOS and Android platform. Player’s Battle Unknown Grounds (PubG) has introduced it 0.8.0 update for its mobile app on iOS and Android platforms. The new update has new Sanhok map and new vehicles to make it more […]

India is Expected to reach 320 million gamers by 2022

The growing popularity of Smartphone Games like Fortinite and PubG it may be expected that the gamers can reach upto 320 million by 2022. According to the recent research conducted by a Digital Marketing Company in Pune, India is expected to reach 320 million users by 2022. Currently India has 730 million Internet Users, it […]

WhatsApp will Soon introduce a new inline image style for Notifications

Popular app WhatsApp will going to introduce some new features in the new Updates. WhatsApp currently shows inline photos for notification bar, but with the arrival of Android pie, images will show up in a new format. According to WhatsApp when the notification tab will expand it will show up the picture for WhatsApp message. […]


FIRST SPACE PRIVATE PASSENGER: YUSAKU MAEZAWA He is, i think, the bravest person and most willing to do so,”Musk said, referring to Maezawa. Elon Musk who have founded Space X and also CEO of TESLA have recently announced that Space Exploration Technologies Corp’s. BPR ROCKET is going to take Japanese Billionaire on a journey, no […]

Human Brains Are Wired To Be Lazy

Feeling too lazy to hit the gym? Blame your brain, say scientists who found that it is naturally wired to prefer lying on the couch. Statistics show that despite our best in tentions, we are actually becoming less active Researchers from the University of British Columbia in Canada studied brain connections to understand this “exercise […]

Anxiety Can be Symptom of Alzheimer’s Disease

Most of people relate Alzheimer to old age but neglecting anxiety can cause Alzheimer in any age. Dementia have many types and most common is Alzheimer in which person gradually loss their remembering power. People start to lose daily basis things. Symptoms of Alzheim er’s Disease Memory loss and confusion are the main symptoms. Cognitive: […]

30 Fascinating Facts About Facebook

Facebook is an online social media and social networking service Based in Menlo Carlo, California. Its first website was launched in Feb 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg along with his college Students. In now days Facebook is one of the most popular Social Media networking companies with over 2.2 billion monthly users and 30,275 employees. […]

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