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112 year old crowned as World’s oldest man, shared secret to long life


A Japanese man with 112 year old has been crowned the World’s oldest male, he is 112 year and 344 days old, according to Guiness World Records. Chitetsu Watanabe who was born on March 5, 1907 in Niigata, north of Tokyo, was officially given the title at his nursing home in the city, Guinness World Records said on Wednesday. The previous record holder, Masazo Nonaka, also Japanese, died last month at 112 years and 266 days.

Watanabe, who is married with five children, said the secret to longevity is to “not get angry and keep a smile on your face.”

Despite his very old age Watanabe keeps busy by exercising and doing calligraphy and maths exercises. Although he turns 113 on March 5, Watanabe has a long way to go before he’s declared man ever to live. That honour goes to Jiroeman Kimura of Japan, who was 116 years 54 days when he died on Jun 12, 2013.

After the end of the World War II, Watanabe returned to Niigata and worked for government until retirement. He also grew fruits and vegetables on the family farm.

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