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10 Unknown Facts About Google


Have you ever wonder that how life will be without Google ? Difficult to answer. Everyone know about Google, However Some people don’t know the unknown facts about Google.

Google has always doing a little thing differently which makes it different from other websites and has Alexa #1 rank. Google was founded by Larry Page & Sergey Brin while they were pursuing their P.hd Degree.

Here are some facts About Google you may not know!

1. Number of Search on Google

Due to the numerous amount of search on Google its number of Search is increasing day by day , Google Now Process over 40,000 search in one second. Which is likely to be 3.8 billion searches per day and 1.4 trillion searches per year. Look at the following chart for yearly search on Google

2. The Name Google is actually derived from the mathematical term ‘googol’ which is basically 1 with 100 zero following it.

3. Google uses a webtool called ‘’ to recruit new employees based on what they search online

If Google sees you searching for specific programming term such as python,c++, java etc. They might just ask you to apply for a job.

4. Larry and Sergey’s have private planes have runway in NASA, where No other planes are allowed to land.

5. Google owns its common misspelling names such as ‘’,, ‘’

6. Google employees in the US get death benefit that the Spouse will get 50% of their salary every year for next decades

It provides some more benefits to spouse and family.

7. Google Helps in Pronouncing Massive Numbers if you Type ‘=English’ after it.

8. There is a Rotated Version Of Google Known as “Google Mirrorwhich shows everything in Roated Form

9 Google Wanted To Sell itself to an online Company Excite in 1999 for $1 million, but Excite CEO rejected the offer

Google is now worth more than $400 billion.

10. The CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai who belongs to India and Has a Salary of Worth $145 million and has net Worth of ‘$1.2 billion’

There are some more facts about Google but here is 10 Great Fact about it.

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